Banned goods and goods sent with condition

I. Banned consignment.

1) Kinds of drug and nerve stimulation.

2) Weapon and ammunition, military equipment and technology.

3) Depraved cultural products, reactionary; publication and documents in order to  destruct public order and against the Socialist Republic of Vietnam

4) Materials or explosive substances, flammable and hazardous substances or unhygienic, causing environmental pollution.

5) The types of items that the State banning circulation, banning business and banned from export and import.

6) Living organisms.

7) Articles, publications, goods prohibited to import into the receiving country.

8) Vietnam money, foreign money and valuable papers as money.

9) The type of precious metals (gold, silver, platinum ...), precious stones or other products made ​​from precious metals, precious stones.

10) Parcel containing many parcels, sending to many various addresses.

II. Sending item with conditions

1) Consignment with parcels for business has to have tax document as the state regulations.

2) Items, exporting importing goods belonging to specialized management has to comply with the provisions of the specialized management agency having jurisdiction.

3) Items of perishable goods, liquids, powders packaged has to ensure not damaging, polluting to other postal.

4) Items in consignment transported by air must comply with the regulations on aviation security