Complaint & Compensation Resolution

1.   Statute of complaints: 6 months from the date of receipt of mails from the sender.

2.   Resolution time for complaint: 2 months from the date of receipt of client's complaint

3.   Compensation liability:

365EXPRESS are responsible for damages arising out of 365EXPRESS fault, since the shipment is received to the time of delivery to send to recipients

4.   Limitation of liability for compensation:

A postal lost or totally damaged: The limits of liability for damages is at least four (04) times of the charges for each type of service used.

A postal partially lost, damaged part: The amount of compensation shall be calculated as follows, but not in excess of compensation in case of loss or material damaged entirely: the compensation amount = (% rate of weight of mails lost or damaged) x (amount of compensation)

In that:

o   Percentage of weight of postal loss or damage is determined based on the established record, certified by the sender.

o   For the service of opening price, if the postal lost or misplaced, the client is compensated 100% of the price terms

For opening price services, services with insurance or service agreed between clientsand 365EXPRESS, the compensation complys with that agreement.

Situation that mails were delayed compared with the full-time, 365EXPRESS will refund the service charges.

5.Complaint profile

To send a complaint records claim for goods, letters, documents lost or damaged, please download the file below additional guidance and adequate information on the form, then send to company CCU 365 via mail, Fax or E mail.

To file a complaint in a claim for goods, letters, documents delayed please contact the CCU via Hotline for assistance.

Object can file a complaint?

The sender, the recipient or a third party may file a claim

How to file a complaint?

To file a complaint you follow the 3 steps below:
Step 1: Choose one of the following options

Complete and submit the form directly to the 365 company's office

Call customer service 08.38488999 or 0916835365

Complete the form complaint form sent via E mail, fax or letter (see step 3
Step 2: Collect the following documents:

The bill of lading of 365 Company has delivered to customers (pink or blue)

Related Documents (VAT invoice, retail invoice, delivery bill, ...)
Step 3: Complete and submit documents to the following address:

E – Mail: hoặc

Fax: 08.38488609

Mail: 40/8 Lam Sơn, Ward 2, Tân Bình Dist., Ho Chi Minh City

What case to file a complaint?

In case of lack, loss, damage or delayed, you have right to file a complaint, the complaint sent to the 365 Company's
customer service department, not exceeding 14 days from the date of 365 companie's delivery, and will be solved within 30 days after receiving records and surveys of 365 companies.

How to know whether file a complaint sent to the customer service department or not?

Most cases of complaints filed from 2 -3 days (working days) after the customer service department receive will response back to the client on file is valid or not or need additional papers to assist in the investigation.

Where to find out more information relating to the settlement and the related complaint ?

Detailed information relating to the complaint, compensation, duration of complaints, settling time and point of contact ... customer can refer to the website at "Items need to know"

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