How to pack

To ensure the safety of goods, it needs to pay attention to packaging. Hereby we offer a packaging form corresponding to each different type of clients' merchandise.


1. Packaging form for electronic goods: Laptop, printer, cellphone, monitor … Using buffer as foam, soft, … (photo) Foam that is specific lining such as polyetylen (PE), polyuretan (PU), and polypropylen (PP) has buffer characteristic with many impact. The sponge protects fragile items from impact and influence of the processing conditions and packaging normally maintain this level of protection throughout the distribution process. The foam is specially designed and manufactured in accordance with the previous size and weight of the product.


2. The packaging for material of goods as glass, fragile as perfume, light bulbs, ceramics, statues .... the material is foam tight products. These bubbles are functional elastic shock resistance.

Large cell Bubble wrapping paper, Bubble Wrapping paper is package materials made from gas bubbles heigh 1/2 inch (1.27 cm) between two sheets of plastic when they are attached to each other.


This process allows attaching a plastic foam cushions to create collision avoidance. Large cell bubble wrapping paper has buffering capacity,

and be able to wrap outside for most of the product, regardless of shape or size.

When using large cell bubble wrapping paper, use several layers to ensure all products are cushions, and pay particular attention to the protection of the corners and edges. When packaging more goods, wrap each item separately. The Perishable goods should be spaced and spacing the corners, the edges, the top and bottom of barrels.Each item should be wrapped with bubble sheet with the size at least two inches (5.08 cm) and put the barrel two inches (5.08 cm) from the wall. This will help for the product is not damaged due to collide and protect product from vibration due to force transmitted into from outside the barrel. Use enough foam to make sure not to move items inside the barrel when shaking barrel.


3. Way for packaging bottles containing liquids: cans, bottles containing liquids must be sealed from flowing out no matter what they are steep.

If there are many bottles in a bucket, it has to be separated by bulkheads or using elastic material inserted between clauses contained space to not move product. The insert materials such as air bubble sheet, foam, sponge, sing it ...


4. The packaging for curl items such as: Paintings, maps ...: It is rolled and put into plastic water pipe or the covered by the toughness paper then place in paper boxes


5. Way to pack the remaining items: Choose the right shipping container the size of your goods or  use the appropriate materials for package inside to keep the item not move inside the package.

Using materials not collapsed by the weight of heavy items. For example, thick wrapping paper tightly lined can be used to fill gaps in shipping container.



Double Box

Dual canning or multiple boxes is an effective method to protect fragile items where the packaging not suitable for transport via carriers such as UPS using manual and automatically distribution systems. To ensure original packaging in good condition and intact. It should replace or repair cracked or broken pieces of foam. Ensure that items can not be moved in the original package. Choose a new shipping container with the durability larger recommended at least 6 inches (15.24 cm) compared to the original size of tank. Lining the bottom of the new shipping container with two or three inches (5.08 cm to 7.62 cm) liquid molding material (for goods weighing up to 10 lbs / 4.54 kg), bubble wrapping paper (for goods weighing up to 50 lbs/22, 68kg), covered foam, polyethylene coverings or other lining materials.

Put the origin barrels on the lining materials and between shipping containers and put pads around next five coners . Seal the lid with recommended materials and methods.



Seal lid of shipping containers by six strips of package paper. Use sticky tape type 60ls at least three inches wide (72mm) with plastic tape. With cargo equal-slotted box (RSC) in which intersection lid in the middle, pasted three strips of adhesive tape from the upper side to bottom of the barrel, so the center seam and the two sides will be attached. With a cargo box in which the lid folds overlap (FOL), three strips of adhesive tape pasted on the surface from the upper side to the bottom side of the barrel, so it will be attached to three sides. Do not use bandage, cellophane tape (office), tape reels, cord or outer wrapper.


Guide For Shipment Lables

Place the shipping label on the top of the package. To avoid confusion, ensure just write an address on the package. If you use delivery notes, stock paste on the surface as address labels. No label seam or boxed or on the head of adhesive tape. Removing old labels or markings on a used box. Similar labeling or other form of identification in your package. Labels for domestic shipments must have the following information: name recognition, clear address (house number, street name, group, village, ward, commune, district, city, province), the recipient's phone. For international shipments, should also provide a contact name, telephone number and postal code.