Hereafter are some common questions and answers. if you still have any question relating to our services, kindly send questions and remember to title the question and the content also for receiving answer as soon as possible.

(Nguyễn Ngọc Trân Anh,07/04/2016)

With the bill of lading sent to the remote and far away areas (to the hamlets, villages and hamlets) in the range of 63 provinces, 365 makes the connection with the system of Vietnam Post (Postal). Thus, the target for the time of Bill of Lading is applicable from time to time throughout the system of Vietnam Post  (Post and Telecommunications). Time Target in this case is agreed time target. would client please see details in Section: Full-time time target on our website:

(Nguyễn Văn Linh,11/02/2016)

THE 365 EXPRESS DELIVERY SERVICE together with the company’s brand identity system copyrighted to  The state management agencies. 365 brings the service directly to client, not via agency. Therefore, circumstance causing misunderstanding or confusing, would client please call our hot line (08) 38488999 for clear and exact information.

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Would client access to:

choose online support. Client will be supported via Skype.

(Kim Hùng,01/12/2015)

In the term of logistic field, “damaged by natural characteristic” is the stage of damage caused by the consignment itself due to physical, chemical characteristic, not by impacts of service provider. Prescribed by law (clause 2, article 36 of decree 157/2004/ NĐ-CP), The business that serve delivery services does not need to compensate this damaged .
For example: client who sent fresh fruit via express delivery service. Although 365 used the fastest service to deliver, when receiving the shipment is rotten. This case belongs to “damaged by natural characteristic”.


(Bùi Quốc Cường,21/09/2015)

Council Inspection service is a service of detail inspection for goods with many articles and high-value, provided by 365 to minimize risks for clients. So it is only provided by 365 with cargo insurance services.

(Lê Tiến Thành,15/08/2015)

Today, in Vietnam other than the passenger carriers such as Vietnam Airlines, Jetstar, Mekong Airlines, there is not any business engaged in providing local freight services by specialty air (transportation of goods by separate cargo plane); therefor, the  airfreight market is completely dependent on the transport capacity of the passenger carriers.

Although currently, 365 are level 1 agent of Vietnam Airlines and Jetstar both; and although the ability to optimize the connection time and shipping is the strength of 365, with responsibility frankly and honestly, 365 still has to admit that flight delays, canceled flights in some cases is unforeseen factors. That's why 365 can not apply for compensation in these cases.

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(Trần Cao Thắng,11/02/2014)

To ensure the safety of postal parcels of the sender; accordance with the standards of the 365 service, Post parcels are considered to have delivered to the recipient when:
- Delivered to the recipient or person residing in the same address to the recipient along with the signature of the person receiving it.

- Delivered to the recipient or authorized at post offices with signatures of recipients.

- In the situation that sender wants 365 put postal parcels to individual/family mailboxes when the recepient is left home, the sender will have to confirm this request in writing as soon as possible. Without this confirmation before sending, 365 may not meet this requirement.

(Nguyễn Ngọc Bảo Châu,11/02/2014)

Principles for determining the weight of charges:

Goods in the form of cubes, boxes being sent through the courier service is determined the weight according to 02 (two) ways:
Method 1: Calculated according to the actual weight

In this calculation, the goods will be weighed to determine the actual weight.

Method 2: Calculated according to weight conversion.

In this calculation, the goods will be measured according to the size of the dimensions and the weight converted by volume to charging. Conversion formula is as follows:

Airfreight services:
Volumetric weight (kg) =
Length x width x height (cm)
6000 (5000 for outgoing international services)

Road Services:
Volumetric weight (kg) =
Length x width x height (cm)

In 02 (two) above calculating methods, the greater weight will be applied to charges. This is calculating method according to the general regulations of the transportation / delivery all over the world and Vietnam is no exception. The basis of this calculation is explained on the fact that the cargo compartment of the transport is limited. Within the limited space that the delivery of goods with greater volumetric weight (exchange weight is greater real weight) will get the more opportunity to deliver than goods with smaller weight.