About the company


Consulting and providing clients with solutions to Express and Logistics services with competitive price and the best quality of service in order to optimize clients’ benefits.


We are dedicated to our work. We work responsibly and are ever-striving with our goal to become one of the most reliable provider of express services in Vietnam with guidelines ‘365 Express = On Time Delivery’.


5 ever-unchanging principles which are the lodestar for all company’s actions.


Satisfy clients is the top goal of the company.


- Clients are the sole boss. Clients can fire anyone even Director by using services or buying products from other companies.
- A company with high qualified staff, good working facilities, dynamic working environment, wonderful remuneration will be nothing if it fails to satisfy clients. We won’t have such good things if clients leave us.
- Satisfy clients and bring benefits to clients are our prerequisite goal. Only this can help 365 Express exist and develop.
num_2 On Time
All activities in and outside the company always comply with The principle - On Time
num_3 Encourage creativity and improvement.
- Never feel satisfied with what we achieve. Everyday we always try to do better.
- Continuously improve in order to develop, and relentlessly be creative in oder to succeed.

Make full use of Talents.


- Staff are foundation of company’s development and talents are resources for company’s STEADY development.
- 365 Express’s successes have been built by our staff. Each member is an important brick in 365 home.

Keep promises.

All promises have to be concretized into action. 365 Express’s staff  have to commit to fulfill our promises.